Project Description

Protecting the things that matter most to you

We all want to live our life to the full, so thinking about our journey ending, or taking an unpleasant turn along the way, isn’t something that’s at the forefront of our minds. However, if you want to maximise the benefits of your life’s hard work for your loved ones when you can’t be with them, then it’s something we’d recommend that you tackle sooner rather than later.

Your financial plan should, therefore, include the right insurance policies to cover you for such eventualities. These policies should not only protect you but your loved ones as well. But with a plethora of options available, it’s sometimes a daunting prospect to have to address.

But instead of putting it off for another day, our expert team will guide you through all the applicable options, including life insurance, mortgage protection, income protection, and private medical insurance. Our independent advisors will create a bespoke package, tailored to your individual needs, as well as talk you through the benefits and exclusions, so you’re fully informed about your choice and all the important details of its cover.

Family protection

It goes without saying that family is of paramount importance. They are the people you do everything to protect in life, and leaving them isn’t something anyone likes to contemplate.

But, if the worst was to happen, we would all want our family to be financially secure.

This is where family protection policies come in and there are numerous products available under this banner – from critical illness cover to income protection.

We go into more detail on these for you below.

Critical illness cover

Critical illness protection offers a term assurance which will pay out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a critical illness (as classified in your policy’s terms).

Income protection

This protection furnishes you with an income if you are unable to work in the wake of an accident or illness (in accordance with your policy’s terms).

Life insurance

Life assurance will pay out a sum of money to a designated beneficiary on the death of the insured person, or after a specified period of time.

There are numerous solutions for this type of insurance available.

As with all support that we provide our clients, our team will conduct extensive research to ensure we get you the right level of financial support to cover your family in the event of an important loss of income into your household.

Private medical insurance

While we might strive to follow a healthy lifestyle, with exercise and diet, this in itself won’t prevent us from succumbing to illnesses as these can beset us, unexpectedly, at any time.

Private medical insurance can provide welcome support in such times of need by paying for all, or some, of the costs of seeking treatment in a private hospital.

Of course, most UK residents are entitled to free NHS healthcare, however, private medical insurance can be more preferable as it can come with attractive benefits, such as a minimal wait times for appointments, treatment and operations.

The level of cover will vary, depending on the policy, but most will usually cover in-patient treatment as standard. Some of the common exclusions to be aware of include pregnancy and childbirth, appearance-improving cosmetic surgery, and illnesses such as HIV/AIDs and epilepsy.

Mortgage protection

Taking out a mortgage loan to buy your home will usually represent the biggest financial commitment you will ever make during your lifetime.

But, to help protect such a substantial investment, it’s important that we think ahead and plan for unforeseen circumstances, such as an income change, illness, or death.

There are different levels of cover depending on what circumstances you wish to protect.

For example, a decreasing life assurance will protect you if you’re looking to safeguard your mortgage in the event of illness or death, and the sum that you pay will reduce in line with the amount left owing on your mortgage.

You can add in other cover, such as critical illness, and our expert team can advise on the best option for you.