Project Description

Retirement Planning

Building up your income for your retirement years will allow you to achieve your aspirations and goals when you leave the world of work behind.
To achieve this, it’s imperative to implement the right pension choices in your financial plan.

Building your pension pot

In order to determine the best pension product to integrate into your plan, we will need to consider several elements.
These factors include: your hopes and plans for your retirement years, how big your pension pot tally needs to be, when you want to reach your goals, and how any workplace pensions will impact.

As well as determining any other products which need to be in place to help you to achieve your retirement goal, we will help build, nurture and monitor your pension to ensure that it comes to fruition at the right time.

Our friendly, professional team will work closely with you to understand your needs and to identify the best route to reach them.

At retirement

There are many things to consider as you approach your retirement to ensure that you have the desired level of income required to comfortably meet your needs and desires.

We can not only help you identify and implement the optimal products to help you achieve this, but we can help talk you through so much more including:

• The different benefits of taking a tax free lump sum at various stages of retirement so that you maximise the value of this benefit;
• Help you understand the various benefits that annuities and draw-down can bring and recommend the best option, or options, for you;
• And, understand the role that your state pension will play in practice in your plans.