Project Description

Employee benefits

A key element to attracting and retaining a talented workforce is by providing your staff with a comprehensive and attractive employee benefits package which makes them feel valued and rewarded.

Creating a bespoke employee benefits packages

Here at Purity Financial we understand that an effective employee benefits package not only needs to appeal to your employees, by offering them real benefits both in and out of the workplace, but also needs to be financially viable and sustainable for you as a company.

We have many years of experience under our independent financial belt of providing a host of different packages to meet the bespoke needs of businesses, regardless of whether your workforce is small, medium-sized, or boasts a large number of employees.

You can choose from a raft of benefits to include in your bespoke employee package and we are proud to be seasoned in finding the perfect match of the needs of employees and you as an organisation.

Please see below for more detailed information on the different benefits which we can offer support in identifying, as well as implementing and managing for you.

Workplace pensions

Pensions are something that feature high up on the list for employees, regardless of which industry they are employed in, so it’s important to get the correct product in place.

In order to ensure longevity on both sides it needs to be a pension that optimises what your staff find attractive – which in return helps you to retain their long-term loyalty – but also be financially right for your business too.

We’re experienced in searching the breadth of workplace pensions on the market – such as group personal pension schemes and master trusts – to find the best possible solution.

We will also ensure that whichever workplace pension you choose that you are aligned with auto enrolment and government legislation.

Group risk policies – including medical support

Group risk policies cover a wide range of protection products that offer support and valued assurances to your workforce for both themselves and their families.

Products available under this banner include medical and group life assurance.

Depending on what would be best suited to your individual or group scenario we’ll ensure you get the right, and most appropriate, cover in place – as well as with optimal terms too.

Independent bespoke employee advice

As an independent financial organisation, we can also offer across the board, one-to-one financial advice to help support your employees in making financial planning decisions.

We can also manage the implementation of your employee benefits package and provide on-going management if this a service you would like us to take care of for you too.

Examples of areas we can assist with within this arena include:

  • Advising employees on investments and protection;
  • Advising on retirement planning, including pension transfers;
  • Compliance support and management of legislative changes;
  • Trustee training and employer training;
  • Employee communications, education and financial advice;
  • Individual scheme member issues and enquiries.